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Top 6 Reasons Why----Chinese Courses in London with Start Mandarin! Print



We have been refining our Chinese courses to ensure that they are not just simple language courses, but are ones that you will remember and feel enduring benefit from. Much of our knowledge has come from the experience of our professional team and from our clients who have shared their ideas and feedback with Start Mandarin Education.  Therefore, we are confident we offer courses that let you experience the true character of the Mandarin  Chinese language, and provide you with the benefit of our experience of Chinese culture.

Join Start Mandarin Chinese courses in London. Here are our top 6 reasons why learn Mandarin Chinese in London with us.

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1. Learn Mandarin Chinese at your own pace

You can learn with a tutor face-to-face via 1-2-1 tuition or in groups, which can be as small as 2 people or as big as 12 people. You can also benefit from our online learning at any time.  What's more, the course can be from 1 hour to as long as you need.  

2. Distinctive teaching methodology in Mandarin Chinese courses (What  Our Students Say)

We provide an enjoyable and effective curriculum by combining language skills and cultural awareness together with authentic Mandarin language contexts. Therefore, our teaching is communicative and student-centred. These features of our teaching make learning Mandarin interactive, dynamic, flexible, effective and great fun. It not only enables students to learn the practical Chinese language skills necessary to discuss topics from various aspects of one's social and professional life, but also it offers a wide range of opportunities to explore Chinese culture.


 3. Start Mandarin Education is First and foremost about people

Our Mandarin Chinese tutors are professional, helpful and friendly. All of them have a master’s degree or above in language or education-related subjects and have rich cross-cultural teaching experience.

4. Quality control on a regular basis of our Chinese courses

We monitor and improve our teaching and administration on a regular basis. This means you can always get the most up-to-date information on your achievements, and constructive suggestions on how to improve your Mandarin learning. 

5. Authoritative teaching materials

All the teaching materials we use are designed by a group of TCFL (Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language) experts under the Ministry of Education of P.R. China. It is a guarantee that you will learn authentic Mandarin Chinese with us, Start Mandarin.

6. Free trial lesson without obligation to join.


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