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Surprisingly Simple Skincare

Empress Wu Zetian and high-ranking Concubine Yang Yuhuan of the Tang Dynasty, along with Empress Dowager Cixi in the late Qing Dynasty, could not claim to be the most popular women in history. Abhorred though they were by many, the three representative beauties in ancient China all had their unique ways of maintaining a stunning complexion.

As Empress Wu Zetian was a Taoist, everyday she would take some time to lie down, sit or just stand, close her eyes, calm herself, and simply clear her mind and think about nothing. Banishing distracting thoughts in one's mind and having a good rest has proven to be an effective method down the years since then, any time and any place.

Psychologists versed in modern medicine now believe that visualizing beautiful flowers, scenery or favourite animals during these mind-restoring rest periods works wonders, adjust endocrine glands and helping keep women's skin smooth and delicate.

Yang Yuhuan, the most famous concubine in Chinese history, was also renowned for her delicate skin. Litchi, rich in protein, vitamin B and C, phosphorus and iron played an irreplaceable role in her beauty regime. Hot springs with rich microelements not only moistened her smooth skin, but also refreshed her mind. Meanwhile, light patting and massage on different parts of her face and body further stimulated the absorption of those microelements.

There is compelling evidence to suggest that early morning and the hours before sleep at night are the most crucial periods for your skin. Empress Dowager Cixi could have told you as much: in the morning, she applied face powder made up of pearls and skin cream made of flower distillate.

At night, she applied egg white, kept it on until half an hour before sleep, and then applied flower extract, finally patting her wet face dry with soft towels.

Furthermore, she used a jade face roller, cool and smooth, on her face again and again every morning before dressing. High-quality jade is believed by many to have natural health-enhancing functions and repeated rolling is in essence a good massage for the face.

For thousands of years in China, meat, vegetables and Chinese traditional medicine have been mixed to improve the health. Many Chinese traditional medicines, such as Chinese angelica and the root of membranous milk vetch, are believed to be blood-builders.

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