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In China, there's a lot to celebrate (2009-10-31)
China: the more I know, the more I love it (2009-09-17)
Master Mandarin and Your Future (2009-05-07)
How Does China Celebrate a New Year? (2009-04-02)
Flunking a test of character (2009-03-26)
Kevin Rudd Rocks (2009-02-27)
This French Guy Speaks Perfect Mandarin (2009-02-27)
Language of Future: Why Mandarin Chinese is Taking Off in Schools (2008-10-08)
Olympics set to boost China's tourism: survey (2008-09-17)
Games success to bring next big wave of capital (2008-09-04)
Why Study Chinese is So Damn Hard (2008-09-03)
Cantonese and Mandarin Language History (2008-08-28)
Mandarin Learning Soars Outside China (2008-08-08)
About 160,000 to be present at Olympic opening (2008-08-07)
Blue skies over Beijing as Olympics approach (2008-08-06)
Beijing's huge efforts hard to please all (2008-08-02)
Beijing disappointed at S.Korean TV's release of Games opening rehearsal (2008-07-31)
Rapid Beijing-Tianjin train link opens on Friday (2008-07-31)
Beijing ready and calm at 10-day countdown (2008-07-29)
How Hard is it to learn Mandarin Chinese? (2008-07-09)
Chinese is the Language to Learn (2008-06-30)
The Chinese Langauge ABC (2008-06-20)
Kung Pao Chicken better than any Chinese Restaurant---An other benefit of Learning Mandarin (2008-06-12)
Days of Disaster (2008-05-21)
Earthquake Hit China--Can You Help? (2008-05-15)
Major Earthquake Jolts SW China - CCTV-9 Earlier Report (2008-05-15)
The Map of China (2008-05-15)
Angry China----An Interesting Chinese Study (2008-05-08)
Olympic Troch Arrived in Hong Kong (2008-05-02)
Beijing Opera----Chinese National Treasure (2008-04-30)
Chinese Student Interviewed by BBC (2008-04-20)
BBC's Apology (2008-04-18)
Chinese Weddings Gone Wild (2008-03-27)
Do You Have an English Name?-----A Chinese Learner's Experience (2008-03-10)
Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd Speaks Mandarin Chinese (2008-02-28)
Clearing the air with China (2008-02-05)
China's Agriculture (2008-01-24)
Chinese Managers: More Skills Than Teamworks (2008-01-02)
Learn Chinese Now BECAUSE You Have to Talk the Talk Fluency (2007-12-13)
24 hours in Guang Zhou---Another Amazing Chinese City (2007-11-30)
Beijing Museums to Offer Foreign-Language Service Next Year (2007-11-16)
The Classic Old Hotels of Shanghai (2007-10-29)
What's up, Doc? (2007-10-08)
Evening Gala for the 58th National Day Staged in HK (2007-10-01)
About Crosstalk: Xiangshen (2007-09-24)
Don’t Turn Blind Eye to Hutong (2007-09-10)
Plan Aims to Save Dying Folk Culture (2007-08-20)
Introduction of Herbs in China (2007-08-06)
Beauty Really Is More than Skin Deep (2007-07-30)
History of Shoes in China (2007-07-09)

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