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In just five years, the number of non-Chinese people learning Mandarin Chinese has soared to 30 million.------------
from BBC

Is your beloved one of them?


Course Profile

Chinese for GCSE is a course designed according to the GCSE curriculum for the students. It focuses on the development of the students’ Mandarin communicative competence in speaking, listening, reading and writing. On the completion of the course, the student should be able to pass GCSE Chinese.

Both 1 to 1 tuition and small groups are available for this course.

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Have a glimpse at what the student can achieve with us

Here are some examples of what the student will be able to speak, read and write.

1. 你好(Hello).

2. 这是我爸爸,那是我妈妈(This is my father, that is my mother).

3. 今天是我的生日(Today is my birthday).

4. 我想做医生(I want to be a doctor).

5. 他的爱好是上网(His hobby is being online).

6. 这本书多少钱(How much is the book)?

7. 明天有小雨(Tomorrow will be a rainy day).

8. 伦敦比北京热得多(London is much hotter than Beijing).

9. 我很喜欢京剧(I like Beijing Opera very much).

10. 我在学习中国书法( I am learning Chinese calligraphy).


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