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Mandarin Trial Lesson----Chinese Course in London with Start Mandarin PDF Print E-mail

Mandarin Trial Lesson Booking Form


The following does not  apply to the kids Mandarin trial lesson.  Please email for details.


How long is the free class?             

One hour

How many people will be in the class?

The trial classes will have up to 6 people in them. However, we can also arrange a trial lesson only for you.

What if I cannot take the trial class on the dates specified?

Please contact us by the form below to arrange another time.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors all have a master’s degree or above and rich cross-culture teaching experience.

Can I take both upper and lower trial classes?


What will be covered?

The lessons will give you a good understanding of different aspects of Mandarin Chinese, and also show the kinds of activities that you could experience on Start Mandarin courses.

What will I have to do?

You"ll need to listen, speak, read and take part in activities.

Will it be in English or Mandarin Chinese?

It depends. The higher your level is, the less English the tutor uses.

Do I need to buy a book for the trial lesson?

No, we will provide the materials for you to work with, but please bring a pen.

How hard is the lesson?

You do not need to be concerned. Just follow our tutor and have a challenging yet enjoyable lesson .

What if I have other questions?

For questions related to the trial lessons please send a message in the booking form.

Trial Lesson Booking Form 


Learn Chinese Courses in London with Start Mandarin

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