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Corporate Training----Chinese Courses in London with Start Mandarin Print

Image“In China, the era when overseas executives could rely on translators is ending. The Chinese government now requires top executives at securities firms to pass written and oral exams in Mandarin, the national tongue, and Chinese managers expect meetings to be conducted in their own language”.                                                                                         -----------Bloomberg News

Tailored Mandarin Courses in London for Your Business with Start Mandarin

Start Mandarin helps every kind of business, from small to large, and from local to international. We help people at the front-line and people in the most senior positions. Whatever your business and whatever your needs, we would like to discuss with you how we can help with  your Mandarin Chinese courses in London. 

Here is how our Mandarin Chinese corporate course scheme works

What do we do?

• find out what goals you have set 
• help you decide what type of training you need
• design programs and support services to meet these needs
• report to you on the progress of your staff on a regular basis
• develop a deep understanding of Chinese culture to benefit your business

How will you benefit?

• develop more effective and competitive staff
• build a stronger professional image for your business
• spend your training budget more wisely
• save time.  

What skills can we develop for your corporation?

Our London Mandarin Chinese courses build confidence and credibility in Mandarin Chinese listening, reading, speaking and writing skills, as well as Chinese business etiquettes. These help you get results and build relationships in both social and business contexts.  

How is the training delivered?

We will offer mandarin courses that include:

• classroom group activities
• one-to-one coaching
• task-based learning
• online tutoring
• post-course follow up.

Please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it for further details and a quotation.

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