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Fast Track Intensive Mandarin----Chinese Course in London with Start Mandarin PDF Print E-mail


Is it the right course for me?

This is the right course for you if you answer YES to both of the following questions:

1. Do you need a course to make you functional in Mandarin in a social context within a short space of time?

2. Are you a complete beginner or just starting to learn Mandarin?

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Course objectives description

1. Course objectives and focus

This course encompasses about 850 basic words and nearly 35 communicative functions with a focus on spoken competence ONLY.  


2. What does it mean practically?  

You can be functional in terms of simple practical issues, for example, ordering food and drink, telling the time, asking for directions, taking a taxi, etc.  


3. What are the characteristics of the course?

This course aims to help you to converse in Mandarin in a social context within a short space of time. Therefore, it presents the most essential and useful parts of the Mandarin language that you would be exposed to in daily life in China. Learning is considerably accelerated by role-plays, substitution and extension practice. 


4. Have a glimpse at what you could achieve with us 

1. Daily greetings.

2. Asking for a person’s name.

3. Asking whether somebody is busy.

4. Expressing your gratitude.

5. Expressing what you have to do.

6. Asking for people’s opinion.

7. Ordering dishes.

8. Ask for directions.

9. Doing simple shopping.

10.Asking for the time.          


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