Treat your electronic reputation

In general and even more as part of a job search in South Africa, e-heal its reputation, or e-reputation is paramount, because employers have increasingly tended to do a search after reading your resume . Even in the context of a search of employment , your reputation will follow you everywhere. What to do to ensure they have a good image on the web?

Two options are available up to you to control your online reputation: a household to negative elements or disseminate positive. To help you in this task, there are among other intelligence tools.

Eliminate undesirable South African content. Following a search online casino, if you find something good, you will need to be cleaned. You must therefore contact the webmasters and ask them to remove the bad content. This task is, admittedly, more difficult, time and results can be very disappointing. Little advice, working upstream and avoid making gaffes first and then the latter can be found on the web!

Second, return to view your photos on social networks. Some deserve to disappear at times to keep your dignity! Always remember the impression you give to recruiters. This stuff is also valid for the videos! Comments on these social networks can also be a source of negative content. The comments against your former employer, the bad news repeatedly or written comments in a French doubtful you will hurt.

Finally, your association with events or controversial groups is not good for you. Although we all have good Aillons convictions, see you throw a rock through a window of a bank during a riot might cost you a job!

Create positive content. Use just the web to create content that will help you get a good job. This will essentially do the opposite of what was presented previously. In particular, it is advisable to expand your network of contacts with important people in the industry, to share content relevant to your job and if you are looking allaise create articles and comments on this same industry.

Intelligence tools. There are web tools eve of your online reputation. Although intended mostly to businesses rather than individuals, you can find free programs and adapted. These programs have the primary function to gather information, mentions, in connection with a word or mark on different sectors of the canvas.

Two given convincing. This research on the applications is not new. However, are increasingly important force people to be alert to this reality. The South African websites advance that 44% of recruiters will search the candidates. It is therefore a significant proportion, and is increasing in the areas most open to new technologies such as marketing, communication or sale.

Only in South Africa, the platform Viadeo 3.7 million profiles. This impressive figure clearly indicates the emergence and importance of professional networking sites. It is highly possible for the good of your application you also participate.