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Business Mandarin----Chinese Course in London with Start Mandarin PDF Print E-mail


My business Mandarin skills, both conversational and reading have improved dramatically. The teacher is flexible in adjusting her teaching programme around my level - focusing on my weaker areas, and introducing new learning texts to keep me challenged. I would highly recommend 'Start Mandarin' to anyone looking to learn, or improve their Mandarin language skills.                

------Sarah, Accenture


Is it the right course for me?  

This course is targeted at non-native speakers who have a certain knowledge of the Chinese language, and especially at those who do business with China.

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Course objective description

1. Course objective

The course aims at helping students to learn the Chinese language and culture for effective communication and cooperation with Chinese business people.


2. Course features

1. This course stresses linguistic functions through topical scenes and discussions.

2. It intensifies learning by integrating listening, speaking and writing.

3. It improves communication proficiency through case studies and drills.


3.  What does it mean practically?

At the end of the course, you will be confident in communication in the following contexts:

1. Applying for and accepting a job

2. Employment and Training

3. Office Environments

4. International Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Symposiums

5. Conferences and Visits

6. Talking about types of company

7. Talking about the organisational structure of a Company

8. Price inquiries and Negotiation

9. Delivery of Goods and Payment

10.Signing a Contract

11.Business Dispute

12.Marketing and Advertisement

13.Sales and Service

14.Enterprise Management and Culture

15.Environmental Protection and Construction

16.Intellectual Property Rights

17.Security Market

and more...


Learn Business Mandarin Chinese Courses with Start Mandarin in London 


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