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Beginner Level Mandarin----Chinese Course in London with Start Mandarin PDF Print E-mail

  “The teaching style is fun and relaxed but professional. The lessons are based on a structured approach but with full scope to explore areas of particular interest and relevance to the student. There is a strong emphasis on using the spoken language flexibly. The use of characters is introduced at a manageable pace.”     --------Nigel, the Big 4


This is the right course for you if:

1. You are a complete beginner, or

2. You studied Mandarin at beginner’s level, but have never consolidated your achievements.

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Course objective description

1. Course focus

The main focus of the course will be on the development of spoken competence and listening competence. Meanwhile, the lessons will also develop your reading skills and introduce elements of cultural awareness.

2. Course objective

At the end of the course, approximately, you will have a command of a vocabulary of 350 words, 70 sentence patterns and 700 frequently used sentences.

3.  What does it mean practically?

You will have acquired a basic everyday vocabulary, and knowledge of sentence patterns. You will also be able to say some frequently used sentences that enable you to survive in simple conversations with native speakers.

4. Have a
glimpse at what you could achieve with us

1. Understanding and use of tones

2. Pronunciation

3. Greetings and self-introductions

4. Numbers, dates, and telling the time

5. Basic telephone practice

6. Describing daily schedules

7. Enquireing about prices and doing simple bargaining

8. Making appointments 

9. Asking for directions

10. Expressing gratitude Ordering food and drinks and paying the bill.


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